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Bolognese Sidesword & Dagger Seminar – Review


Over the last weekend Cork Blademasters had a pleasure of hosting Bolognese Sidesword & Dagger Seminar taught by excellent instructors from Sala D’Arme Achille Marozzo, Italy: Marco Rubboli and Marco Martoni. It was a tough, sweaty workshop but we have learned a lot and at the end of the seminar all participants were able to do some competent sparring in a mini tournament!

Sidesword & Dagger is a very effective system of fencing that can utilize any one handed cut-and-thrust weapon paired with a secondary item (dagger, shield, cloak etc) in order to make a well balanced offence/defence system and I‘m pretty certain it will enhance our skills in other weapons/weapon systems as well. The more you know the better fencer you’ll become which is something I wish to all of you! In the meantime, check out the instructors’ bout below:

For now it’s back to training time but within next 2 weeks we will host another seminar on Polish Sabre as well as launching new 10 Weeks German Longsword Course for the new recruits!

Stay tuned!

Sidesword & Dagger Seminar next weekend!


I’d like officially invite everyone to our Bolognese Sidesword & Dagger Seminar that will take place over next weekend (9-10 Sept 2017)  @ Little Island Sports Centre from 11-5pm on both days.

This is a unique chance to learn Bolognese Fencing System taught by one of the top instructors from Sala D’Arme Achille Marozzo from Italy – Marco Rubboli. This might be a great introduction to HEMA to everyone who would like to try it out as well as for HEMA practitioners who would like to learn Bolognese Fencing.

All equipment will be provided by organizers. Simply register by following on the link below and join us next Saturday:

Sidesword & Dagger Seminar 2017

Bolognese Sidesword Seminar


With great pleasure I’d like to invite you all to join our 2 days Bolognese Sidesword Seminar here in Cork organized in cooperation with Sala d’arme Achille Marozzo from Bologna. 

In two days you can learn the world famous Bolognese Fencing System under the eye of 2 head instructors from Italy: Devis Carli and Marco Martoni. We will provide training weapons and 6 hours of fencing in Bolognese style every day! All you need to do is to show up !

And just to let you know, Bolognese Fencing is a true gem amongst the medieval fencing styles, it bridges the gap between medieval and renaissance fencing styles by taking the best of both. It is known also as Dardi School (Bolognese Swordsmanship ) after a fencing master from XIV/XV century but it spans across 3 centuries influencing such great fencing masters as Manciolino, Marozzo and  dall’Agocchie creating italian schol of swordsmanship and influencing all future renaissance fencing styles. 

There aren’t many schools practising Bolognese Fencing and certainly none in Ireland so this is a rare occasion for all of us to taste and learn this unique system! Don’t miss this chance!

More info on the event page below:


Facebook event page: