Longsword Training – 28/07/2013

Longsword Training today!

Location: Little Island Sports Complex, 8:30 PM

All welcome!


We’re changing from Friday to Wednesday starting this week, next training will be then Wednesday 31st 8:30 PM


This will be valid until September when we’ll have to decide on a more permament schedule.


Also, there will be a 3 months Longsword course coming in September!

Now, as you may know already ISHC (Galway Hema group) has organised a tournament last week, here are the highlights (thanks to PJ McKenna):







Longsword Training – 12/07/2013

After a summer break, training is back on schedule!

Friday’s Longsword is on at 8:30 PM!

Location: Little Island Sports Complex

Everyone Welcome!

Check Classes section for more details


As an additional teaser, here’s a dropbox folder with some killer videos from the NordCamp tournament:


See  you on Friday!