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2014 Longsword Course – Flourish Videos


First of all, I would like to congratulate again each one of my longsword students – you all did very well and the video below is a living proof of that!

For viewers: in order to pass the course and receive a Scholar rank within the club each student had to create their own flourish, which I described as a set sequence of moves and techniques that can be done one after another in a logical manner.   I did not give them any hints or tips, the only rule was: 30 seconds is the time limit and that they have to move – it cannot be a stationary flourish, it needs to involve the full body motion as in a real combat.

This was designed as a teaching tool – a simple repeatable pattern that will allow each one of the students to remember what they have learned so far.  Looking at what they have designed after mere 10 lessons I’m really impressed. Excellent work!

Here’s the playlist below (one person’s flourish is still missing  but I’ll add the video as soon as I get it):