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2015 Longsword Course – Flourish Videos


It’s time for the quick summary of last year’s Beginners German Longsword Course.

For some, it may seem like a small scale event of no major importance. But for us it is the gateway into the realm of knighthood, something that differentiate martial artists from casual swordsmen. There’s a reason why we’re doing it only once per year and there’s a reason why only a few dedicated ones become the Scholars of Historical European Martial Arts.

Last year’s course have been marked by sicknesses. We started with 14 people, finished with 4 (though not all is lost as some are coming back now slowly). The final exam, as every year, was to create a 30 seconds longsword flourish, a free combination of cuts, thrusts and moves, your own private reminder of what you’ve learned so far. I hope that in a year’s time when new group will present their own flourishes you’ll reflect back to the videos below to be amazed by the progress you’ve made but for now… let’s see your creations :D