Blademasters Cup 2016 Results!

Hello All,

I’d like to officially congratulate the winners of this year’s Blademasters Cup:

  • Matthew Malcolm (Medieval Combat Group) – 1st place and the winner of the Blademasters Cup and its main prize: Regenyei Longsword.
  • Adrian Schwapka (Leitrim Longswords) – 2nd place
  • Michael Nolan (Cork Blademasters) – 3rd place

Detailed stats from the tournament are available through the link below:

I’d also like to thank all the Referees: Christine Maunsell, Suzy Cantrell and Elliot Murphy for their help! This tournament wouldn’t have happened without You!

Also another batch of thanks goes to the scorekeeping crew: Jade Rozycki, Beena Dorgan and Teresa Knapik – awesome job! Really appreciate it!

Least but not last, i’d like to personally thank to all participants – you made this all possible! I hope you enjoyed it and i’ll see you all (and more) next year!

Open Steel Longsword Tournament this Saturday!

Brace Yourselves!

The one and only Blademasters Cup 2016, Open Steel Longsword Tournament,  first  of the Irish Historical Fencing League will start on Saturday 23rd of April 2016!

We got 16 longsword fighters who will be competing for the fame and glory!

Tournament will take place at Little Island Sports Centre @ 11 AM.

Spectators are welcome!

Blademasters League: Score Table – April 2016

Hello All,

Here’s the up-to-date score table for the Blademasters League below:


Blademasters League Score Table – STEEL
Name no of Bouts Wins Losses Points total
Andrzej 8 7 1 107
Michael 8 7 1 87
Paul 8 3 5 72
Joe 7 2 5 49
Mattia 7 4 3 43
George 3 2 1 34
Daniel 4 0 4 9
Edu 3 0 3 6

You will all have a chance to change these scores tonight!