Blademasters League: Score Table – May 2016

Hi All,

Updated score table for our Blademasters League is shown below:

Blademasters League Score Table – STEEL
Name no of Bouts Wins Losses Draws Points total
Andrzej 13 10 3 0 171
Michael 13 9 3 1 123
Joe 12 4 8 0 81
George 8 4 4 0 79
Mattia 12 6 5 1 73
Paul 8 3 5 0 72
Edu 8 3 5 0 32
Daniel 4 0 4 0 9

Fight Night is on tonight so I’ll see you all there!

Copenhagen Longsword Open 2016 – Tournament Videos

Hello All,

Copenhagen Open Videos are coming up on the You Tube now so let’s check them out!

First of all congratulations to Kristian Ruokonen (EHMS, Finland) for winning Gold, Magnus Lundborg (UHFS, Sweden) for Silver and Dennis Ljungqvist (KuHFS, Sweden), then to Michela D’Orlando (WSG, UK) for Gold (great job Michela!), Nadia Partala (EHMS, Finland) for Silver and Sara Vertanen (EHMS, Finland).

And beautiful fights they are: check the accuracy of thrusts in Denis’ fight (re last class) and the amazing angled zwerchaus of Kristian in a gold fight! Michela’s timing and craftsmanship of the blows! Lots of great technical fighting out there!

So here they are – longsword finals and bronze medal matches from Copenhagen Open 2016 plus finals from other tournaments (sabre, rapier and dagger) courtesy of CphHistFencingClub:


Oslo Longsword Open 2016 – Tournament Videos


Videos from the second tournament of the Nordic Historical Fencing League – Oslo Norway Open 2016 has been published thanks to Frie Duellister.

Congratulations to Dennis Ljungqvist (Gold again), Ties Kool for the Silver and Magnus Lundborg for the bronze. In Women’s division we got Sara Vertanen (Gold), Anna-Lotta Eriksson (Silver) and Michela D’Orlando (Bronze). Well done!

Men’s finals were very interesting as they had the same pair as before in Helsinki, both fighters knew each others fencing style very well so the fight was very cautious and thus nice to watch. Still you can see few good thrusts landed on both sides (this time Ties had a throat protector) but the fight was very linear because of that (i’d like to see more offline movement to prevent the doubles).

We only got finals published so far, so here they are: