Beginner Classes starting January 2017!

Hello All!

I’m happy to announce that as of 9th of January 2017 Cork Blademasters will launch a permanent Beginner’s Longsword Classes at our Mahon Venue every Monday from 7-9PM!

These classes will work as a container for all new students joining us throughout the year and will finish with our annual 10 weeks Longsword Course at the end of the year that will allow new recruits to advance into Scholar (lvl 2) rank in order to  start participating in advanced classes, tournaments and other events.

Beginner classes will have lower intensity than the advanced ones as well as no sparring rule (though there might be some sparring elements involved). All equipment will be loaned so there’s no need to purchase anything at that stage but at rank 2 certain equipment will become necessary.  Teaching wise, we’ll concentrate on the so called ‘common fencing’, basic set of techniques and moves that will prepare new recruits for the more advanced techniques that will be taught during the 10 Weeks German Longsword Course and then into the rank 2 where we’ll slowly introduce you to sparring environment.

So there it is, no more barriers – your destiny awaits! Learn Knightly Art of Combat and join the world of HEMA with Cork Blademasters!

I’ll see you all at our Open Day (Free Entry) on Monday the 9th of Jan 2017!


Blademasters League 2016 – Final Results

Hello All,

The final results of the 2016 Blademasters League are here:

Blademasters League Score Table – STEEL
Name no of Bouts Wins Losses Draws Points total
Michael N 43 33 7 3 467
Andrzej R 31 23 7 1 373
Joe H 40 15 21 4 305
Mattia B 31 8 20 3 190
Rob L 29 8 20 1 175
George T 18 10 8 0 154
Paul D 18 7 11 0 140
Elliot M 12 7 4 1 96
Edu M 12 3 8 1 49
Daniel O’D 9 1 8 0 34

Congratulations to Michael Nolan for winning this year’s league! Michael trains with us for 2 years now and during this time he already won several medals as well as achieved 2nd place in 2016 IHFL (Irish Historical Fencing League).  Impressive progress Michael, looking forward to see you  at the international HEMA scene soon!

Also, congratulations to Joe Hooton for reaching 3rd place – a very solid achievement that will pays off well in 2017 I recon!

And also Rob Luknar, our new recruit who despite joining in the middle of the season managed to score honorable 5th place! Well done!

Now, with all the formalities over – new season of our internal League will start in January and IHFL tournament calendar will kick off from April so get ready! Make your plans and follow your goals!

Blademasters League: Score Table – Dec 2016

Hello All,

One final Fight Night before we wrap up our Blademasters League for 2016!

You can find the up to date League results below:

Blademasters League Score Table – STEEL
Name no of Bouts Wins Losses Draws Points total
Michael N 40 31 6 3 437
Andrzej R 28 20 7 1 340
Joe H 37 15 18 4 287
Mattia B 31 8 20 3 190
George T 18 10 8 0 154
Rob L 26 7 18 1 151
Paul D 18 7 11 0 140
Elliot M 12 7 4 1 96
Edu M 12 3 8 1 49
Daniel O 9 1 8 0 34

See you all tonight!

German Longsword Course 10/10 – Sun 11/12/2016

Hi All,

The final class of our German Longsword Course is on tonight!

Lesson 10/10: Exam for a Blademasters Scholar (rank 2) Certification.

Time: 8:30 PM!

Location: Little Island Sport Complex

Check Classes section for more details,

All welcome!

Irish Historical Fencing League (IHFL) 2016

Hello All,

IHFL has ended with a brilliant Belfast Bladeworks that took place last weekend and after 4 tournaments (Cork, Galway, Wexford and Belfast) in 2016 the overall results are as follows:

1st place: Matthew Malcolm of Medieval Combat Group
2nd place: Michael Nolan of Cork Blademasters
3rd place: Adrian Shwapka of Leitrim Longswords

Congratulations to all the winners and to HEMA Ireland and all clubs involved in organization of this year’s League.  It was no easy task but we managed to pull it off nicely and I have to say we have achieved our goal – the overall fencing quality has definitely improved which means we’re ready to put the bar up even higher for the 2017!

Bladefast Bladeworks Tournament was simply spectacular – congratulations to Matthew for winning the gold again, Myself for winning silver and to Adrian for getting the Bronze in an epic fight against Michael 🙂

Videos are in the playlist below: