March 2017 Training Schedule

March 2017 Schedule:

Thu 02/03/2017 – Longsword Training
Sun 05/03/2017 – Longsword Training
Mon 06/03/2017 – German Longsword Course 2/10
Thu 09/03/2017 – Knife Training
Sun 12/03/2017 – Coached Sparring: Longsword
Mon 13/03/2017 – German Longsword Course 3/10
Thu 16/03/2017 – Sidesword Training
Sun 19/03/2017 – Longsword Training
Mon 20/03/2017 – ***Training Cancelled***
Thu 23/03/2017 – Ringen Training
Sun 26/03/2017 – Fight Night: Blademasters League
Mon 27/03/2017 – German Longsword Course 4/10
Thu 30/03/2017 – Dussack Training

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Waterford Longsword Workshops 2017!

Hello All,

We’re happy to announce that due to popular demand we’re back with  our Waterford Longsword Workshops that will take place on Sunday 19th of March 2017 @ Waterford Crystals Sports and Leisure Centre!

These workshops are aimed at beginners so everyone is welcome to try! We will cover all basic principles of edged based weapon fighting: footwork, using tempo and measure, basic guards and cuts as well as basic attack/defence strategies – we’ll even have some time at the end for a free sparring!

As there seems to be an increasing demand for HEMA in Waterford area this workshop will serve as a probe for launching a new regular training group at Waterford area! 

More info:

Facebook Event Page:

Please share it with your Waterford friends! 

Blademasters League: Score Table – Feb 2017

Hello All,

Here are the Blademasters League 2017 results so far:

Blademasters League Score Table – STEEL
Name no of Bouts Wins Losses Draws Points total
Brian M 4 4 0 0 44
Michael N 4 2 2 0 41
Rob L 4 2 2 0 30
Joe H 4 2 2 0 29
Andrzej R 4 0 4 0 25


Great start for Brian who won all the matches! Tournament season is mere two months away so we need to start practice now!

As for our own league i’m making a small adjustment in the scoring system to match the Blademasters Cup rules: we’re adding +1 bonus point for control as well as extending the deep target areas.

Check it out!

German Longsword Course – Registration is open!

Hello All,

Registration is now officially open for the spring edition of our 10 Weeks German Longsword Course 2017!

Course will start on the 27th of Feb 2017 and end on the 22nd of May 2017.  This course will cover all principles of fencing, major techniques and fighting strategies. While it covers longsword techniques only it will set up a solid foundation for other weapons of the German System as well.

This is our entry level standard for allowing new recruits to advance into the Scholar (lvl 2) rank and start to participate in free sparring as well as official tournaments and events.

More information here: