July 2017 Training Schedule

July 2017 Schedule:

Sun 02/07/2017 – ***Training Cancelled***
Mon 03/07/2017 – German Longsword Course 3/10
Thu 06/07/2017 – Ringen Training
Sun 09/07/2017 – Sidesword Training
Mon 10/07/2017 – German Longsword Course 4/10
Thu 13/07/2017 – Longsword Training
Sun 16/07/2017 – Longsword Training
Mon 17/07/2017 – German Longsword Course 5/10
Thu 20/07/2017 – Longsword Training
Sun 23/07/2017 – Coached Sparring: Longsword
Mon 24/07/2017 – German Longsword Course 6/10
Thu 27/07/2017 – Dussack Training
Sat 29/07/2017 – HEMA Ireland Cork Training
Sun 30/07/2017 – Fight Night: Blademasters League
Mon 31/07/2017 – German Longsword Course 7/10

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Sweden Longsword Open 2017 – Tournament Videos

Hello All,

Time for the review of this year’s last tournament of the NHFL (Nordic Historical Fencing League) – Sweden Open 2017!

Congratulations to the winners of the Longsword Tournament: Dennis Ljungqvist (KuHFS, Sweden) who took gold and become the overall winner of the NHFL 2017 season, Magnus Lundborg (UHFS, Sweden) took silver and Jesper Christiansen (Örebro HEMA, Sweden) who took bronze medal.  In the women division Sara Vertanen (EHMS , Finland) has won the gold over a fantastic match with Julia Yli-Hukka (GHFS, Sweden) who took silver.  Sara also has become the overall League champion of 2017. 

Also, there came an announcement that this will be the last league sesion for the NHFL for now at least as its organizers need some time for other projects so there will be no NHFL next year.  In a summary i have to say that because of the NHFL the overall skill level of its participants have skyrocketed over the last 3 years. All finalists are now mature, excellent fighters who are formidable opponents to anyone really. That was the goal of the league and it has exceeded everyone’s expectations! I really do expect our own Irish Historical Fencing League (IHFL) to achieve the same!

Here are the videos:

Mens Longsword Finals – Gold:

Women Longsword Finals – Gold:

Mens Longsword Finals – Bronze:

Ringen Lightweight Finals – Gold:


Blademasters League: Score Table – May 2017


Please find below the up to date results of our internal club league:

Blademasters League Score Table – STEEL
Name no of Bouts Wins Losses Draws Points total
Andrzej R 22 11 10 1 243
Joe H 21 13 7 1 191
Brian M 17 14 3 0 167
Michael N 14 7 6 1 164
Rob L 22 8 11 3 144
George T 5 2 3 0 41
Riley L 5 2 2 1 34
Paul D 4 2 2 0 32
Elliott M 4 2 2 0 30
Martin B 4 1 2 1 30
Brian L 5 0 5 0 23
Daniel O’D 4 1 3 0 20
Edu M 5 0 3 2 17


We got new people joined the league last time – well done to Brian & Martin! Also couple of old timers have managed to join in for the first time this year. Nothing has been decided yet as we still have 7 sessions to go for this year! The overall winner of our in-house club league will be rewarded with a free entry ticket for next year Feile na Gaiscigh 2018 so it’s definitely something worth fighting for!

I’ll see you all tonight!

Photo Session with Swords!


Over the last few weeks we had a pleasure to work with very talented Marcin Lewandowski on a photo session (check out his website: http://www.soundofphotography.com) involving some of our club members. Marcin is publishing a series of articles about photography and this one was about portraits so we posed… with swords of course! Main theme of the session was the car park duel sequence from the Highlander movie.

The article in question can be read here:

And the photos are below:

German Longsword Workshops this Saturday

Hello Everyone!

It’s that time of the year again! Our German Longsword Workshops will take place this Saturday at 11AM at our Sunday’s training venue @ Little Island Sports Centre.

This one day 6 hours long workshop will give you a taste of what to expect if you take on any HEMA activity so if you’re thinking about trying it out here’s your chance! Covering all principles of fencing this workshop will teach you basic movements, guards, attack/defence techniques that can be used with any blade based weapons.

More info:

Summer Longsword Workshops 2017