Blademasters League: Score Table – December 2018


Last session of the year tonight! You can find League current standings below:

Blademasters League: Longsword                           
Nameno of BoutsWinsLossesDrawsPoints total
Joseph H382882395
Martin B3818173307
Luke L4318223284
Brian M251861277
Michael N191360211
Nuno V3012162205
Callum O’C197111135
Branden T194141134
Andrzej R11821125
Michal S234172115
Paul D12570110
Simon H1055082
Rob L1257080
Matthew M751174
Grzegorz K962166
Fionn BC1137162
George T440041
Karl S725041
Edu M422031
Peter M13013029
Sam K504127
Richard C523019
Finch McK211013
Ronan L20208

Joe is the current leader with 395 points while Martin on 2nd place with 307 and Luke stays on the third place with 284.

Our 2018 League winner will be decided tonight! 

Meanwhile, you can watch videos from the last Fight Night below:

German Longsword Course 9/10 – Mon 03/12/2018


WHAT: German Longsword Course 9/10: Halbschwert / Half Sword
WHEN: 8:00 PM
WHERE: Mahon Community Centre

Check Classes section for more details.

Reading for tonight’s class can be found >>> here <<<

Galway Longsword Open 2018 Review

Galway Longsword Open Steel Tournament that took place on the 17th of Nov 2018 in Galway hosted by Exiles Galway was the last leg of this year’s Irish Historical Fencing League. 

With great pleasure we’d like to congratulate the winners:

  • Sam Gassmann of Goats Head Historical Fencing – Gold
  • Andrzej Rozycki of Cork Blademasters – Silver
  • Luke Lee of Cork Blademasters – Bronze

Technical Prize: Piotr Szymanski of Leitrim Longswords

Best Newcomer Prize: Fionntan Murphy of ISHC (Irish School of Historical Combat)

IHFL League winner of 2018: Andrzej Rozycki of Cork Blademasters

Videos from eliminations phase are now available on our official YouTube Channel:

Big Thanks to our League sponsors who funded awesome prizes for the winners:

– The Knight Shop International Ltd and their HEMA focused website:

– Black Horse Blades – website:

– SPES Historical Fencing Gear – website:    

– Sparring Gloves – website:

– Balefire Blades

– PBT Historical Fencing – website:

– Aureus Swords – website:

– Halfswording – website:

Wessex League – website:

Black Horse Blades – website:

Galway Open 2018 Prize List:

1st place: Gold Medal, Pair of Sparing Gloves, 50 EUR PBT voucher, 50 GBP Hema Shop voucher, 15% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 30 EUR voucher, Free entry ticket to one of the Wessex League longsword tournaments in 2019

2nd place: Silver Medal, 50 GBP HEMA Shop voucher, 12.5% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 20 EUR voucher

3rd place: Bronze Medal, 10% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 15 EUR voucher

Newcomer Prize – SPES Gear

Technical Prize – Free entry to one of IHFL 2019  tournament

League Champion prize – 300$ gift voucher for a custom feder from Black Horse Blades!

Results of the tournament have been submitted to HEMA Ratings Website and the Irish Historical Fencing League 2018 Results can be seen on the HEMA Ireland Website.

It was a good  tournament with yet another experimental ruleset that worked out for some but not for all – continuous sparring with light hits being counted until the ‘killing’ blow happened which stopped the exchange.  Another related issue seemed to be with only 2 referees which wasn’t really enough to cover all striking angles so the main judge had to take all the pressure and decide on the final scoring alone which wasn’t the ideal experience for fencers.

All in all Blademasters did very well, getting bronze and silver as well as the overall league prize, we’ve passed all feedback to the organizers so we are looking forward to see the improvements for the next year’s League!