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Cork Blademasters is a HEMA School that teaches wide variety of authentic, historically accurate combat techniques.collage-about-us

  • We practise the so called Knightly Art of Combat – medieval system of armed and unarmed combat, using historical weapons and modern protection equipment,
  • Our system originated in medieval battlefield and was designed with survival in mind – it develops physical confidence, effective self-defence skills as well as extreme fitness levels,
  • We validate our techniques through sparring and competitions and we are able to stand against other Martial Arts as well as any modern fighting systems

We are member of HEMA IRELAND FEDERATION with a certified instructor and a team of senior students who work together to provide training to all members from complete beginner to advanced martial artists.promo-as2

The German School of Fencing is the historical system of combat taught in the Late Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern periods (14th to 17th centuries). Despite the name, the German school of fencing was widely practised throughout whole Europe as an extremely effective and universal martial art system. It comprises armed and unarmed combat techniques such as grappling & wrestling (ringen), fighting with various medieval weapons such as longsword, dagger, the short sword with or without a buckler, sabre (dussack, messer) and the staff weapons (polearms).


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    1. Hi,

      Unfortunately it’s over 18s only at the moment due to insurance restrictions. Sorry for that :/

      Cork Blademasters

      1. Update: as we switched to a HEMA Federation based insurance, our minimum age requirement has changed to 16 years old and higher

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Historical European Martial Arts School in Cork, Ireland