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On this page we’ll  be listing all past events, workshops, seminars and courses:



2016 and older:

German Longsword 10 Weeks Course 2016

HEMA Ireland Cork Training 2016

Summer Longsword Workshops 2016

Blademasters Cup 2016 – Open Longsword Tournament

Cork Martial Arts Expo 2016

Waterford Longsword Workshops 2016

Bolognese Sidesword Seminar 2016

Dussack Seminar 2016

German Longsword Course 2015

3rd Summer Longsword Workshops – 29/08/2015

2nd Summer Longsword Workshops – 25/07/2015

Summer Longsword Workshops – 27/06/2015

German Longsword Course 2014

German Longsword Course 2013

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