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Blademasters Cup 2016 – Open Steel Longsword Tournament


Cork Blademasters would like to invite you to our Open Steel Longsword Tournament on the 23rd of April 2016 in Cork!

Facebook Event Page:

Registration is CLOSED now, thank you all

Blademasters Cup is the first tournament of Irish Historical Fencing League (IHFL) that will (hopefully) unwind within the following months!

We will have medals for the first three places but the main winner of the Blademasters Cup and its reward will be chosen by its participants in a true Martial Arts spirit because this is what HEMA is really about!

So here’s how it works:

16 participants will enter the tournament; there will be 2 pools guaranteeing 7 fights for each person in the pool. 4 people with the highest scores from each pool will go to a single elimination brackets and continue to the finals.

After the winners are announced and points recorded, there will be a Martial Arts celebration in which each participant will vote the best fighter of the tournament and that person will receive our grand prize: The Blademasters Cup along with the fabulous reward: Blunt Steel Longsword (click here for a pic) kindly provided by our sponsor Peter Regenyei!

Check out more of his beauties at Regenyei Armory website!

Rules and regulations can be found here:…-and-regulations/

Equipment requirements:…ent-requirements/


Event Details: Blademasters Cup 2016

Date: 23rd of April 2016, 11:00 – 17:00

Location: Little Island Sports Centre, Cork

Google Maps Link:

Cost: 40 Euro (Tournament Participants Only) – REGISTRATION IS CLOSED 

Spectators: Free Entry!