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Blademasters Cup 2016 – Open Steel Longsword Tournament: Equipment Requirements


Protective Gear:

  • Fencing Mask: FIE ranked fencing mask with no signs of serious damage, dents, rust etc.,
  • Back of the Head Protection: rigid protector covering back of the head with no significant gaps
  • Throat Protection: rigid throat guard (gorget) or a layered throat protection preventing the blade to go under the bib (3 layers minimum)
  • Jacket: well padded HEMA jacket or similar offering good protection against cuts (plastrons/rigid chest protectors are recommended but not necessary)
  • Elbow Protector: hard shell protection of the elbow joints
  • Knee Protector: hard shell protection of the knee joints
  • Shin and Forearms Protection: solid protection of the shin and forearm area is required
  • Gloves: fencing gloves with full level of protection applicable to longsword, eg. sparring gloves, SPES heavy gloves etc., Metal Gauntlets and Red Dragon gloves are NOT allowed!
  • Groin Guard: Obligatory for men!
  • Rigid Chest Protection: Mandatory for women!


  • This Tournament is conducted on BYOW (Bring Your Own Weapon) basis. Organizers will have some spare weapons but it is highly recommended to bring your own.
  • Longsword: ‘Federschwert’ type of sparring longsword with no visible signs of damage. Each weapon will be checked before the bout with flex tested. Red Dragon federschwerts are not allowed! Any weapon that will behave in a dangerous manner (too stiff, too much flex etc., ) will be rejected immediately!
  • Recommended producers: Regenyei, Ensifer, Danelli,  Szymon Chlebowski.