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Blademasters Cup 2016 Results!

Hello All,

I’d like to officially congratulate the winners of this year’s Blademasters Cup:

  • Matthew Malcolm (Medieval Combat Group) – 1st place and the winner of the Blademasters Cup and its main prize: Regenyei Longsword.
  • Adrian Schwapka (Leitrim Longswords) – 2nd place
  • Michael Nolan (Cork Blademasters) – 3rd place

Detailed stats from the tournament are available through the link below:

I’d also like to thank all the Referees: Christine Maunsell, Suzy Cantrell and Elliot Murphy for their help! This tournament wouldn’t have happened without You!

Also another batch of thanks goes to the scorekeeping crew: Jade Rozycki, Beena Dorgan and Teresa Knapik – awesome job! Really appreciate it!

Least but not last, i’d like to personally thank to all participants – you made this all possible! I hope you enjoyed it and i’ll see you all (and more) next year!