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Blademasters Cup 2018 Review

Blademasters Cup – Cork Leg of the Irish Historical Fencing League for 2018 is now over and we’re already preparing for the Dublin Leg in July!

Congratulations to the winners (all from Cork Blademasters): Brian Moloney who took gold, Andrzej Rozycki silver and Joseph Hooton who took bronze and the technical prize! Tournament Newbie Award went to Nuno Valverde!

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You can check the full photo album from the event on our Facebook Page:

Big Thanks to our League sponsors who funded awesome prizes for the winners of the event:

– The Knight Shop International Ltd and their HEMA focused website:

– Black Horse Blades – website:

– SPES Historical Fencing Gear – website:    

– Sparring Gloves – website:

– Balefire Blades

– PBT Historical Fencing – website:

– Aureus Swords – website:

– Halfswording – website:

Blademasters Cup 2018 Prize List:

1st place: Blademasters Cup, Gold Medal, Pair of Sparing Gloves, 50 EUR PBT voucher, 50 GBP Hema Shop voucher, 15% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 30 EUR voucher

2nd place: Silver Medal, 50 GBP HEMA Shop voucher, 12.5% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 20 EUR voucher

3rd place: Bronze Medal, 10% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 15 EUR voucher

Newbie Prize – prize for the highest scoring tournament newbie (for people who are starting their first tournament with us): SPES Gear

Technical Prize – free entry for the next IHFL tournament!

Results of the tournament have been submitted to HEMA Ratings Website and the Irish Historical Fencing League 2018 Results can be seen on the HEMA Ireland Website.

On a more personal note i’d like to say that the Survivability Rules introduced from 2018 in all Cork Blademasters tournaments have produced some excellent fencing and we are very happy with replacing an outdated concept of right-of-way/afterblow in the favor of more martial and realistic approach.