Blademasters Cup 2019- GDPR Privacy Statement

The organising committee of the Blademasters Cup 2019 (hereafter referred to as “we”) will collect selected personally identifiable information from participants, enquirees, and registered visitors. This data collection is not limited to just email or off-line communication, but includes all forms of digital and hard-format means both formal e.g. registration forms, and informal e.g. social media.

The data we collect is used expressly for the administration of the competition, it’s insurance, venue hire and for third party scoring data collection and analysis. It may also be shared with official event sponsors for marketing purposes, but will not be shared with any other organisations.

Collected data will be stored for not more than 12-months to allow year-on-year participation audit and will be anonymised every 12-months. Where information is given via a 3rd party format e.g. social media or Google form, the individual should consult their (separate) GDPR compliance statements and terms & conditions for details of data retention.

Your personal data is always available to view, edit or delete upon request by using Contact Us form.

Data specifically collected for Blademasters Cup 2019:
• Name
• Date of birth
• Email address
• Postal address
• Phone number
• Medical information
• Next of kin

Data not collected which may be accessible to the
Blademasters Cup 2019 organisers, but not usually used or saved:
• Facebook profile
• Facebook friends
• Other social media

Data shared with 3rd parties:
• Name
• Email address

• HEMA Ratings (
• Insurance company (in the event of a claim)
• First Aid Ambulance Emergency Crew (in the event of an incident) • Event sponsors

Video and photography recordings:

By registering to participate in an Blademasters Cup 2019 you are aware that the events take place in public venues and that the event organisers and other competitors as well as guests and visitors may wish to record events. The media recorded by the organisers or their official representatives will be used for marketing purposes. Any media recorded by any other individuals is outside the control of the organisers. By participating or attending Blademasters Cup 2019 (including prior to, during and after) you agree to be recorded and give permission for the resulting footage to be used. Should you (or guest) not wish to be recorded, you should inform the individuals undertaking the recording at the time of recording as to your wishes.

If you have any questions about this statement please Contact Us.

You can read more details on our Privacy Policy Page.

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