Please welcome our official sponsors of Irish Historical Fencing League 2019:

AUREUS SWORDS – our main League sponsor who will provide a set of tournament weapons (Federschwert Swoosh German Tournament) to be used in all League Events!

Aureus Swords

SPARRING GLOVES – our next League sponsor who will provide a set of sparring gloves for the winner of each League tournament!

Sparring Gloves

THE HEMA SHOP – our next sponsor (Hema focused branch of The Knight Shop International Ltd) will provide medals to the winners of the tournament as well as 50 GBP Gift Vouchers!

The Hema Shop

PBT Historical Fencing – is yet another HEMA dedicated branch of a well known fencing manufacturer who will sponsor us with 50 EUR gift vouchers for the winners of each League tournament!

PBT Historical Fencing

SPES Historical Fencing Gear – is our next sponsor, well known in Hema circles as a manufacturer of excellent protection equipment for HEMA, will provide us with the ‘Newbie Prize’ for each leg of the League. This will go to the best performing tournament newbie (all people who entered Blademasters Cup as their first tournament are eligible for this prize)