Our Official Blademasters Instructor exam is run once a year by a panel of L3+ ranked Blademasters instructors.

Title of Blademasters Instructor will give the right to teach and supervise classes within the club activities. Official post details along with classes schedule will be arranged individually with each instructor.

  • Exam will consists of theoretical class with different subjects presented and taught during the course with a paper exam at the end
  • All who passes will receive the Official Blademasters Instructor certificate


  • Passed Apprenticeship (acting assistant instructor during 1 full GLC group (10x2hrs classes) AND 1 one day (1x6hrs) workshop at minimum (additional teaching is a bonus) – requires completed and signed Apprenticeship Form
  • Passed Lvl 3 Free Scholar exam
  • Holding a valid L1 Hema Ireland Instructor’s Cert