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Blademasters League 2016 – New Rules

Hi All!

On Sunday we’re starting our Blademasters League for 2016!

So here’s a revised version of our scoring system that will be using from now on:

  • Each fight will consist of 5 exchanges with no time limit. Exchange is where one or both people score a hit.
  • Possible scores for exchange are
    – 6 points for a clean hit in torso/head area
    – 3 points for a clean hit in arm/leg area
    – 2 points for an afterblow for the person who hit first, 1 points for the person who hit second (regardless of the hit location)
    – 1 point for forcing your opponent out of the ring (both feet)
    – 0 points for double hit
    – Strikes with the body and wrestling doesn’t score any points but can be used (in controlled manner) in order to facilitate scoring with a weapon (blade or pommel).

There will be 3 Referees for each match using flags to show scores, the general rule is that at least 2 out of 3 flags need to show the same result otherwise exchange is restarted. (Please note that means we need to have at least 5 people in the training!)

I want everyone to encourage a fair play behaviour so it’s perfectly acceptable to raise your hand and signal to the main referee if you got hit and show the location of the hit.

This is a new system and it will require a full attention from the referees as they need to follow each move and see the location of the hit. This will be hard and I expect some teething problems so we need to help each others out please!

Here’s the description of the flag scoring:


  • One Flag UP: clean hit for RED in torso/head area = 6 points


red-flag-md (2)

  • One Flag SIDEWAYS: clean hit for RED in arm/leg area = 3 points



blue-flag-hi red-flag-md (2)

  • Two Flags – one UP, One SIDEWAYS: Afterblow = 2 points BLUE, 1 point RED


blue-flag-hi (3)

  • One Flag DOWN: RED out of the ring = 1 point BLUE



blue-flag-hi (2) red-flag-md (2)

  • Two Flags SIDEWAYS: Double Hit = NO points


blue-flag-hi (3) red-flag-md (3)

  • Two Flags DOWN: Unknown / Referee didn’t see clearly enough



We’ll be using this system for all our tournaments so not only Blademasters League but Blademasters Cup in April as well.