Blademasters League: Sabre Score Table – Nov 2019

Blademasters League: Sabre Score Table – Nov 2019

Please find the up to date results of our Blademasters League – Sabre Division:

Nameno of BoutsWinsLossesDrawsPoints total
Luke L322552341
Nuno V3715175223
Andrzej R2513102158
Joe H151311147
Martin B219102146
Karl S211281127
Donnacha MC217140115
Branden T18313283
Darragh OH16411178
Brian M952268
Grzegorz K532037
Fionn BC632132
Piotr K624030
Michal N403113
Tomasz N40318
Cal M60515

Only 2 more Fight Nights to go (including tonight’s one) before the end of the season!

Luke is still on the lead with over 100 points difference but Luke, Nuno, Joe and Martin are all very close behind so anything can happen here!

Watch the fights from last month’s Fight Night here: