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Blademasters League

Hi All,

Here are the official rules of the Blademasters League:

– Every hit counts as 1 point, double/afterblow counts as 1-1, final call is up to the referee who will not allow any ‘scratch’ wounds, attacks with the flat etc.

– Whole body is a valid target, throws are allowed but only strike with the weapon counts as a hit, pommel hits are allowed

– Fight takes place in a designated area – leaving area during the fight with both feet awards 1 point to the opponent.

– Fight takes places until one or both fighters reach 5 points. Winner gets 10 points, loser gets 3 points + hit count (max 7 points). Double (5-5) results in both fighters being dead so there’s no point awarded.

– Both opponents will fight only after the ‘Fight’ command from the referee, shouting ‘Hold’ will stop the fight and both opponents will go back to their corners. Final word is always up to the referee who can stop the fight in case of any misbehaviour

– There will be 2 categories:  Steel and Nylon, scored separately

That’s all, I’m trying to keep it as simple as possible really. The aim of the Blademasters League is to allow you to see your own progress throughout the year.  I will keep the score table visible on the website so everyone can check. There will be 12 Fight Nights throughout the year so you have plenty of time to work on your skills.

Protection requirements:


– Mask, back of the head protector, throat protector, thrust protector for chest, padded jacket/gambeson, hard shell protectors for knees and elbows, hard gloves, cup for men, breast protection for women


– Mask, throat protection, chest protection, hard shell protectors for knees and elbows, padded gloves


Codex Döbringer (MS 3227a), (AD 1389):

(…) Also know and note that one cannot really talk about fencing in a meaningful manner or explain it with written words, as some might like. You can only show it and instruct it by hand. So use all your senses and pay close attention to the art and practice it more for fun and play. So it will be ready for you faster for fencing seriously. That is because practice is better than art, your practice may very well be useful without art, but your art is useless without practice. (…)