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New Season Recruitment!

Summer is here and we’re about to start new recruitment 🙂

Tomorrow on Wednesday 19/06/2019 @ Mahon Community Centre 8PM we’ll run our Open Day – free medieval longsword taster class that will allow you to experience what Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) is all about!

Everyone is welcome to join – please bring indoor sports shoes, comfortable clothes, towel and plenty of water!

More info:

If you want to continue your HEMA training with us then next Wednesday 26/06/2019 we’ll start our 10 Weeks long German Longsword Course! This is our main recruitment drive that will allow you to move to Scholar level and start participating in club activities!

This course is considered to be a minimum required standard for free fencing (sparring) and as such is obligatory for all who want to move onto the Scholar rank.

More info:

Open Day Tomorrow!

With great pleasure we’d like to invite everyone who would like to try out Historical European Martial Arts to our Open Day session that will take place tomorrow 4th of April 2019 at 8pm @ Mahon Community Centre!

Facebook Event Page:

We will run a two hour long training session on medieval longsword, showcasing few of the basic techniques and concepts of the German ‘Art of Combat’ (Kunst des Fechtens) a style of fencing that dominated Northern Europe for over 200 years!

All equipment will be provided but please bring some light gloves (to prevent blisters), sports shoes, towel and plenty of water!

See you all there tomorrow!

New Hema Ireland Certified Instructor

We’re happy to announce Martin Buckley to become club’s fifth Hema Ireland certified instructor!

Martin passed his practical assessment in January teaching a class in longsword (his weapon of choice) under the watchful eyes of Hema Ireland certified assessors which along with the documentation provided made him an official instructor certified by Hema Ireland.

Martin has been already helping out as an assistant instructor during many of our club’s recruitment courses and events as he’s already working through his apprenticeship term towards becoming a Blademaster Instructor

Martin’s main focus lies in German Longsword but he recently started working (with great deal of success) on military sabre as well. He participated in all of last year’s IHFL (Irish Historical Fencing League) longsword tournaments finishing the league on 7th place and i’m sure he aspires to go much higher this year!

We wish him good luck and all the best in the 2019 season!

Welcome in 2019!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Let’s kick off the new historical fencing season with Cork Blademasters!

We’re going straight into action with our Meyer Diagram Challenge starting today on the 1st of Jan 2019! It is a daily cutting practice that everyone can do from the comfort of their own home, all that is required is to have a weapon (or a simulator) that can be used for this purpose! Train with us for 30 consecutive days in order to become a better fencer! This is an excellent conditioning for everyone interested in starting HEMA in 2019!

Meanwhile we’re launching our new season recruitment starting with a free Open Day session on Monday 7th of Jan 2019! If you are interested but not yet ready to commit to our 10 weeks course yet then check this out! It’s a free longsword class where you can learn the fencing fundamentals as well as a few longsword specific moves.

One week later we’ll launch our main recruiting event – 10 weeks long German Longsword Course that will start on Monday 14th of Jan 2018 @ Mahon Community Centre 8PM! This introductory historical fencing course is obligatory for all new members who wants to move onto the Scholar rank and start participating in the club activities!

There’s more to come! All 2019 seminars, tournaments and workshops will be announced soon! We’ll be very active locally in Cork as well as outside in Limerick and Waterford where we’ll work on incubating new fencing groups! We’ll work with Hema Ireland as well as IHFL (Irish Historical Fencing League) to bring more quality events and tournaments into Irish Hema scene this year!

Last but not least we’ll be expanding our own crew with new instructors and L3 gradings this year! More weapons, more fencing styles and more classes will become available for everyone who want to start their martial artist career in historical fencing!

Still have questions? Contact us and we’ll get back to you in no time!

Open Day with Cork Blademasters!

We’re happy to invite all interested in HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) to come and join our OPEN DAY this Monday 24th of Sept 2018 at 8PM in Mahon Community Centre!

This taster class is a part of larger initiative by Hema Ireland to promote HEMA across the island so each HEMA Ireland affiliated club will organize a free taster class in September this year!

You can find more info about this event on our website:

Open Days

For people who are already interested in joining we do offer a 10 weeks German Longsword Course starting Monday week on 1st of Oct 2018. Please check the following pages for more info:

Recruitment Page >>> here <<<

German Longsword Course Page >>> here <<<

Check it out!

Cork City Military Show this weekend!

We’d like to invite everyone to join us tomorrow at Cork City Military Show 2018 @ Curraheen Showgrounds from 11am to 5pm!

It’s a family oriented, kids friendly event with lots of attractions, including demonstrations from various reenactment groups, traders and many more!

We’ll be there on both days promoting Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and showcasing some of the historical fencing styles that have been dominant throughout the ages: Medieval Longsword (XV), Renaissance Sidesword and Dagger (XVI-XVII), Military Sabre (XVIII-XIX). Check us out!

Facebook event page:

Blademasters Cup 2018 tomorrow!

Ladies & Gentlemen!

With great pleasure I’d like to invite everyone to come and watch Blademasters Cup 2018 – Open Steel Longsword Tournament and the first leg of the Irish Historical Fencing League 2018!

Let’s celebrate Historical European Martial Arts together tomorrow! Our event will take place at Little Island Sports Centre, Cork from 11am onwards and all spectactors are welcome!

Check out our event page for more info:


Instructor of the Year Award for Cork Blademasters!

Our members had a pleasure of attending CMAP – Cork Martial Arts Promotions 2018 Award Gala last week where Cork Blademaster’s founder and the head coach Andrzej Rozycki received an Instructor of the Year Award!

It was truly a night to remember with all Martial Artists and different clubs gathered together under one roof! We thoroughly enjoyed the night and would like to congratulate once more to all award winners:

CMAP Community Spirit of the year award Winner 2017/18 Darren Healy, Cork Taekwon-Do Club
CMAP Junior Girl Competitor of the year award Winner 2017/18 Eimear Nagle, Bandon Taekwon-Do Academy
CMAP Junior Boy Competitor of the year award Winner 2017/18 Ryan Sheehan, Samson Martial Arts
CMAP Junior Female Competitor of the year award Winner 2017/18 Shantelle Sheehan, Mallow Taekwon-Do Club
CMAP Junior Male Competitor of the year award Winner 2017/18 Shane Hurley, Fermoy Karate Club.
CMAP Outstanding Contribution award Winner 2017/18 Jack Sheehan North Mon Taekwon-Do Club
CMAP Senior Female Competitor of the year award Winner 2017/18 Rosa Walsh, FM BJJ
CMAP Senior Male Competitor of the year award Winner 2017/18 Irisney Lima, “Galera” 
CMAP Event of the year award Winner 2017/18 Wimp2Warrior, SBG Cork City
CMAP Ambassador of the year award Winner 2017/18 Shane Begley, West Cork Kickboxing Club
CMAP Instructor of the year award Winner 2017/18 Andrzej Rozycki , Cork Blademasters
CMAP Club of the year award Winner 2017/18 Passage West Karate Club
CMAP Coach of the year award Winner 2017/18 Arann Maguire, MMA Cork
CMAP Life time achievement award Winner 2017/18 Liam Griffin Snr, Curam De Cara
CMAP Hall of Fame inductee award Winner 2017/18 Liam Beechinor, BJJ Cork

Special thanks of course goes to Leonard Coughlan – managing director of CMAP and the whole CMAP crew for great organisation and the beautiful evening!

Welcome in 2018!

Happy New Year 2018!

This year Cork Blademasters will offer plenty of activities for everyone!

  • In January we will launch Open Days – free longsword fencing classes for everyone who would like to try out medieval swordfighting! Check it out!
  • Also from January we’ll start our main recruitment event: 10 weeks long German Longsword Courses that will run throughout the year on Mondays 7PM @ Mahon Community Centre!
  • We’ll have new workshops in 2018 for Waterford and Limerick!
  • There’s even more to come: new training classes for our members, Longsword and Sabre Seminars & Workshops, Blademasters Cup 2018 – Open Steel Longsword Tournament and the first leg of the IHFL (Irish Historical Fencing League) as well as many other local and national events (Cork Martial Arts Expo, Cork City Military Show) in which we’ll take part showcasing Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). Check out our 2018 Event Page for more info!

In the meantime however, i’d like to invite you all to take part in our Meyer Square Diagram Challenge on Facebook (starting on the 2nd of January 2018), it’s a simple cutting exercise that you can do at home with any tool that can simulate an edged weapon and train with us every day for a 30 days of this challenge! It is hard but it’s a great learning experience for everyone who might want to think of starting HEMA in 2018!

Open Longsword Classes starting from tomorrow!

Hello All!

I’m happy to announce that starting from tomorrow (Monday 4th of Sept 2017) and for the next two following weeks (11th and 18th) we’ll run Three Beginners Longsword Classes that are open to everyone 🙂

These classes are aimed at people who would like to try out HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) on a single class before committing themselves to our 10 Weeks Longsword Course that is due to start on the 25th of Sept 2017! 10 Weeks Course however is obligatory for all new members who want to move onto the Scholar rank and start participating in club activities!

Please note that due to the hall size we are limited to 20 participants max per each class therefore BOOKING IS REQUIRED! Simply use Contact Us Form  to book your request on any of the dates above. You will receive an email reply to confirm your booking.

Cost of the class is 10e per person, please bring towel, light gloves, indoor non slippery sports shoes and plenty of water!

See you all tomorrow 😉