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Blademasters Cup 2018 Review

Blademasters Cup – Cork Leg of the Irish Historical Fencing League for 2018 is now over and we’re already preparing for the Dublin Leg in July!

Congratulations to the winners (all from Cork Blademasters): Brian Moloney who took gold, Andrzej Rozycki silver and Joseph Hooton who took bronze and the technical prize! Tournament Newbie Award went to Nuno Valverde!


You can check the full photo album from the event on our Facebook Page:

Big Thanks to our League sponsors who funded awesome prizes for the winners of the event:

– The Knight Shop International Ltd and their HEMA focused website:

– Black Horse Blades – website:

– SPES Historical Fencing Gear – website:    

– Sparring Gloves – website:

– Balefire Blades

– PBT Historical Fencing – website:

– Aureus Swords – website:

– Halfswording – website:

Blademasters Cup 2018 Prize List:

1st place: Blademasters Cup, Gold Medal, Pair of Sparing Gloves, 50 EUR PBT voucher, 50 GBP Hema Shop voucher, 15% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 30 EUR voucher

2nd place: Silver Medal, 50 GBP HEMA Shop voucher, 12.5% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 20 EUR voucher

3rd place: Bronze Medal, 10% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 15 EUR voucher

Newbie Prize – prize for the highest scoring tournament newbie (for people who are starting their first tournament with us): SPES Gear

Technical Prize – free entry for the next IHFL tournament!

Results of the tournament have been submitted to HEMA Ratings Website and the Irish Historical Fencing League 2018 Results can be seen on the HEMA Ireland Website.

On a more personal note i’d like to say that the Survivability Rules introduced from 2018 in all Cork Blademasters tournaments have produced some excellent fencing and we are very happy with replacing an outdated concept of right-of-way/afterblow in the favor of more martial and realistic approach.

Irish Historical Fencing League (IHFL) 2017


As the last leg of the IHFL – Galway Longsword Open ’26 Commandments’ Tournament has come to an end it’s time for a quick review of the 2017 League!

But first, the results of the Galway Leg – congratulations to Adrian Szlapka from Leitrim Longswords for taking the gold, Joe Hooton and Andrzej Rozycki both from Cork Blademasters for taking respectively silver and bronze!  Check out the tournament videos below!

As for this year’s IHFL i’m proud to say that we as an Irish HEMA have achieved again our goal – the fencing level has improved a lot and there have been lots of new fencers joining our league both from Ireland as well as abroad. This is great as it shows that our small league is becoming more recognizable in the world of HEMA and our fencing standards are already on an international level! Next year I’m hoping for even more fighters, more weapons and more clubs being involved as well as more cooperation between our neighbours from the other side of the Celtic Sea! We have proven it already many many times over – the more fencers you fight the better your fencing will become! Bring it on 2018 IHFL!

For now, let’s enjoy the videos from the Galway tournament below:


Belfast Bladeworks 2017 Review

Hello All,

Belfast Bladeworks 2017 Open Steel Tournament and the Third Leg of the Irish Historical Fencing League (IHFL) is behind us now! Truly great event flawlessly ran by Medieval Combat Group. I’m proud to say that Blademasters have won first two places of the event: Michael Nolan – Gold and myself (his instructor) Andrzej Rozycki – Silver while Adrian Szlapka from Leitrim Longswords got Bronze.  Congratulations to all!

The overall fencing level was excellent (fantastic improvement from Leitrim Longswords, well done guys!) and I was also happy to see lots of new promising faces on the tournament scene this year, especially in Belfast!  HEMA is growing strong in Ireland so let’s keep it going!

While we prepare for the final tournament of this year’s League in Galway let’s take a look back at the final fight of the event (video courtesy of Adam Keys, thanks!):

Féile na Gaiscígh 2017 Review

Hello All!

Festival of Warriors is behind us now so it’s time for a short review of the biggest event on the Irish HEMA scene!

Over 15 clubs from Ireland, UK, France and Netherlands have competed in various tournaments over the last weekend. We had Open Steel Longsword, Longsword Novice (Nylon), Rapier and Companion and Sword and Buckler tournaments. There were multiple workshops on all weapons available for beginners and advanced fencers alike. And of course at any given moment you could always find someone available for a friendly sparring session.

The atmosphere was as usual super friendly and relaxed which seems to be the main theme of this event. It’s one of the things that makes people coming back to FnG year after year – you know that you will always enjoy it, no matter what you do: competitions, workshops, sparring or even a simple chat in the canteen.  Not to mention amazing nights out in a local pub afterwards 🙂

Our team did very well and I am quite proud with my beginners Martin and Riley who won Gold and Silver medals in novice tournament! Myself and Michael have won Silver and Bronze in Open Longsword Competition (congratulations to Ties Kool from HVN Netherlands for taking the gold!) Below you can find videos of the Open Longsword Tournament elimination phase up to the final fights:

Looking forward to meet everyone again in 2018!

Sweden Longsword Open 2017 – Tournament Videos

Hello All,

Time for the review of this year’s last tournament of the NHFL (Nordic Historical Fencing League) – Sweden Open 2017!

Congratulations to the winners of the Longsword Tournament: Dennis Ljungqvist (KuHFS, Sweden) who took gold and become the overall winner of the NHFL 2017 season, Magnus Lundborg (UHFS, Sweden) took silver and Jesper Christiansen (Örebro HEMA, Sweden) who took bronze medal.  In the women division Sara Vertanen (EHMS , Finland) has won the gold over a fantastic match with Julia Yli-Hukka (GHFS, Sweden) who took silver.  Sara also has become the overall League champion of 2017. 

Also, there came an announcement that this will be the last league sesion for the NHFL for now at least as its organizers need some time for other projects so there will be no NHFL next year.  In a summary i have to say that because of the NHFL the overall skill level of its participants have skyrocketed over the last 3 years. All finalists are now mature, excellent fighters who are formidable opponents to anyone really. That was the goal of the league and it has exceeded everyone’s expectations! I really do expect our own Irish Historical Fencing League (IHFL) to achieve the same!

Here are the videos:

Mens Longsword Finals – Gold:

Women Longsword Finals – Gold:

Mens Longsword Finals – Bronze:

Ringen Lightweight Finals – Gold:


Blademasters League: Score Table – May 2017


Please find below the up to date results of our internal club league:

Blademasters League Score Table – STEEL
Name no of Bouts Wins Losses Draws Points total
Andrzej R 22 11 10 1 243
Joe H 21 13 7 1 191
Brian M 17 14 3 0 167
Michael N 14 7 6 1 164
Rob L 22 8 11 3 144
George T 5 2 3 0 41
Riley L 5 2 2 1 34
Paul D 4 2 2 0 32
Elliott M 4 2 2 0 30
Martin B 4 1 2 1 30
Brian L 5 0 5 0 23
Daniel O’D 4 1 3 0 20
Edu M 5 0 3 2 17


We got new people joined the league last time – well done to Brian & Martin! Also couple of old timers have managed to join in for the first time this year. Nothing has been decided yet as we still have 7 sessions to go for this year! The overall winner of our in-house club league will be rewarded with a free entry ticket for next year Feile na Gaiscigh 2018 so it’s definitely something worth fighting for!

I’ll see you all tonight!

Congratulations to the winners of Blademasters Cup 2017!

Hello All,

I’d like to congratulate to all winners of Blademasters Cup 2017, Open Steel Longsword Tournament, first leg of IHFL (Irish Historical Fencing League).

First of all big congratulations to our student Michael Nolan for winning the gold for Blademasters! We’re all very proud of You 🙂

And congratulations to Ken Kot from Scottish Academy of Historical Arts for an excellent showcase of fine swordsmanship which won you Silver and a Technical Prize Award – Black Ensifer Light from a famous swordsmith Ensifer Jan Chodkiewicz.

Least but not last another Big Congratulations to Adrian Szlapka from Leitrim Longswords! Our Arch Enemy in every finals of the league so far 😉 Joking of course! You are a great fencer and it is always a pleasure to fight you Adrian!

Best Beginner’s Prize was awarded to Pablo Urdaibay from Swords of the West in Galway – excellent form Pablo, keep that going!

Looking forward to next leg of the League in June in Wexford! But in the meantime, here’s the video playlist with all elimination bouts up to the finals:


Blademasters League: Score Table – April 2017

Hi All,

Here are the up to date results of the Blademasters League 2017:

Blademasters League Score Table – STEEL
Name no of Bouts Wins Losses Draws Points total
Andrzej R 13 6 7 0 135
Joe H 13 10 3 0 128
Michael N 9 4 4 1 94
Brian M 9 7 2 0 81
Rob L 13 5 6 2 76
George T 5 2 3 0 41
Riley L 5 2 2 1 34
Elliott M 4 2 2 0 30
Edu M 5 0 3 2 17


I’ll see you all tonight!