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Historical Fencing Course: German Longsword

Starting on Sunday 29th of September, this 10 weeks long course will cover the basics of Joachim Lichtenauer’s German Fencing system.

German Fencing system sets up a framework on which all medieval weapon techniques are based, this course will cover longsword techniques in particular but it’ll set up a solid foundations for learning other weapons as well (shorter blades, polearms, grappling)

Course will include following: footwork training, 4 guards & 5 mastercuts, basic attack & defense skills, bind & wind techniques, halfswording, grappling and throws as well as  tournament specific skills.

Course will end up in an exam :) and everyone who passes will be awarded with the Cork Blademasters’ Scholar certificate. This will allow to progress onto the more advanced techniques and will give you the right to represents Cork Blademasters on tournaments

longsword course-v1-2-pxd

Payments note:

There is a pre-pay of 50 euro required for the purchase of the fencing mask for all attendees – mask will be given to the attendees on day 1 of the training. Lessons are 10 euro per person – this can be paid either in advance (100 euro) or on a weekly basis (10 euro per class).

Every attendee is requested to contact myself (Andrew) individually after submitting the registration form to arrange the payment details.