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Cork Blademasters Gift Voucher

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s still not too late for your Christmas Presents!

Our Free Class Gift Voucher is an elegant way of inviting someone special into the world of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)!


You can purchase them directly during the class or buy them online via our shop:!/Free-Class-Gift-Voucher-10-Euro/p/58289201/category=0


And moreover, the exercising of weapons puts away aches, griefs, and diseases, it increases strength, and sharpens the wits. It gives a perfect judgement, it expels melancholy, choleric and evil conceits, it keeps a man in breath, perfect health, and long life. It is unto him that has the perfection thereof, a most friendly and comfortable companion when he is alone, having but only his weapon about him. It puts him out of fear, & in the wars and places of most danger, it makes him bold, hardy and valiant.” 

George Silver, Paradoxes of Defence, 1599