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Cork Martial Arts Expo 2016 – Tournament Videos


Cork Martial Arts Expo 2016 is behind us now – time to look at the tournament videos!

After all the pools we have three winners: Myself, Frank and Michael – each with 69 points accumulated. Congratulations!

Please note though, the some people had to leave earlier (Christine, and then Frank and Ger later) so not everyone had the same amount of fights. Anyways, it’s not about the points but the quality of fights!

Big Thanks to Frank and Ger from Swords of The West (Galway) for coming over to spar with us! It’s always refreshing to fight someone outside of your own club :)

And even bigger thanks to all organizers of the Expo – it was a great event with tons of action packed entertainment! I really enjoyed being part of it so well done to all of you – organizers and all participants!

And Blademasters: as usual, watch your own fights please, twice at least :)

Enjoy :)