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Joachim Meyer Dussack with Jerzy Miklaszewski


On Saturday 30th of Jan 2016 we’ll organize a Dussack Seminar with Jerzy Miklaszewski from Silkfencing Team in Krakow, Poland.

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Seminar will be divided into three 2 hour blocks:

Seminar Block One
„Foot, Body and Cutting – the Core Mechanics of the Joachim Meyer Dussack System.”

First Block will be focused around the core biomechanics in Dussack system. Footwork and body work will be analysed thoroughly allowing the attendants to better understand the basics allowing to build up an efficient base for learning the Dussack techniques.

Seminar Block Two:
„Secondary cuts, or the basic concepts of techniques used in Dussack fencing”

This Block will consist of many paired drills analyzed step by step to ensure their proper use in both daily practice and fencing bouts.

Seminar Block Three:
Understanding the weapon and the Eastern Connection”

The Block will be developing the attendants knowledge about how the weapon may actually be transferred onto other fencing systems. Secondly the attendants will analyze together in small groups some dussack plays from the core text by using the knowledge gained during previous seminar blocks.

More info on our instructor Jerzy Miklaszewski and the Silkfencing Team can be found >>> here <<<

Time: 12:00-20:00 (Sat 30th of Jan 2016)

Location: Google Maps:

Cost: 50 Euro


Please click on the banner below in order to fill out Registration Form. Payment details will be sent via email once the form is submitted.