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Dussack Seminar!

Hello All!

With great pleasure I would like invite you all to our Dussack Seminar with guest instructor Jerzy Miklaszewski from Poland!

Jerzy will show us core mechanics of Joachim Meyer dussack system and the way to incorporate them into the other weapons as well. I’m sure you’ll love the seminar – Jerzy is a fantastic instructor famous for his research on Polish Saber but he also plays with Joachim Meyer system (amongst the others).

As promised, we’ll kick off with the seminar and then start to fit dussack classes into our monthly schedule – for now we’ll start once a month, same as Ringen and then we’ll start to increase gradually. Dussack is a great training tool suitable for teaching all curved blade weapon types: sabres, falchions, cutlasses and even messers. This should be very useful practise for us!

For everyone else, join us if you can – i’m sure you won’t be dissapointed with the seminar – we’ll provide weapons for all participants so no excuses! :) Joachim Meyer and his dussacks are waiting for YOU!

Seminar will take place on Saturday 30th of Jan 2016, from 12 till 8PM.

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There is a limited number of places for the seminar – please register early by filling out the registration form on the page above!