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Historical Fencing Course: German Longsword

Starting  Sunday 28th of September 2014, we’ll start 10 weeks long course that will cover the basics of Joachim Lichtenauer’s German Fencing system.

German Fencing system set up a framework on which all medieval weapon techniques are based, this course will cover longsword techniques in particular but it’ll set up a solid foundations for other weapons as well (knives, short swords, polearms, unarmed combat)

Course will include the following:

– Basic footwork training,

– Basic stances and guards,

– Cuts and thrusts – body mechanics,

– Functional attack & defense skills,

– 5 Master Cuts (Meisterhäue)

– Bind & wind techniques (Winden)

– Halfswording  (Halbschwert)

– Grappling and Throwing techniques

Course will end up in an exam and everyone who passes will be awarded with the Cork Blademasters’ Scholar certificate.

This will entitle to a discount on membership fees and full access to Cork Blademasters equipment as well as the rights to represent the Club on official tournaments.


Please click on the banner below in order to fill out the registration form – payments details will be sent via email once the form is submitted.