Cork Blademasters’ Free Scholar Lvl 3 Exam is run once a year by a panel of L3+ ranked Blademasters instructors.

Please use our Intake Form to register your interest for L3 Free Scholar Exam here:

Title of a Free Scholar indicates that a student (Scholar) has gained enough knowledge and practical experience in a chosen weapon to be able to execute all core techniques in sparring. Free Scholars are considered to be experts in their chosen weapon and can become Blademasters Instructors upon passing Instructor’s Exam

Free Scholar Exam – Longsword:

  • Practical assessment – 4 x 4 mins bouts during which the examinee will have to execute techniques called out for the given time slot.
  • Passing Mark: 75% (min of 13 out of 17* techniques)
  • L3 Free Scholar Certificate will be provided to all who pass the assessment

Recital text below (from Ringeck gloss):

The first hew called the wrath-hew (der zorn haw)
The second the crooked-hew (der krump haw)
The third the thwart-hew (der zwer haw)
The fourth the squint-hew (der schill haw)
The fifth the scalp-hew (der schaittel/haw)
The sixth they are the four guards (die vier hütten)
The seventh the four displacements (die vier verseczen)
The eighth the following-after (die nachraisen)
The ninth the running-over (die überlauffen)
The tenth the setting-aside (die abseczen)
The eleventh the changing-through (daß durchwechßlen)
The twelfth the yanking (daß zucken)
The thirteenth the running-through (die durchläuffen)
The fourteenth the cutting-off (die abschnÿden)
The fifteenth the hand-pressing (die hend trucken)
The sixteenth the hanging (die hengen)
The seventeenth they are the windings (die winden)

* There are 17 techniques in the recital but because Ringeck is our main source there is a secret 18th technique from Ringeck (sweep) that you can execute to add a bonus point to the exam score (available in 3 out of 4 calling cards)