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Please find below the source reference for the class:


[28] The first guard from the half sword.
Holding your sword with the right hand on the grip and the left in the middle of your sword, keeping it on your right side above your head and let the point hang down towards his face.
[29] If he then stands in the lower guard and wants to stab you underneath, then stab down from above between the sword and his closest hand. Press the pommel underneath, wind the point on his sword under and through to his right side and set the point on him.

[30] Stab him in the face from the first guard. If he fends that off then jerk or go through with the point to the other side, just as before. When you have set the point against him then put your sword under your right armpit with the hilt on your breast and push him from you.


[36] The second guard with the half sword
Hold your sword with both hands, down to your right side, with the grip next to your knee. Your left foot will stand forward and the point shall be directed at the face of your opponent.
[37] When you stand in this guard and he faces you in the upper guard and wants to set it in from above (stab at you). Then stab him first and set the point on his forward hand in the opening of the flat of the hand. Or stab through over his forward hand, press down with your pommel and set him to the other side.




Taken from the gloss (comments) of Sigmund ain Ringeck – 15th century German fencing master who is considered to be an author of the four original glosses of the Recital which makes him one of the most important masters of the Liechtenauer tradition.