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Helsinki Longsword Open 2016 – Tournament Videos

Hi All,

2016 Tournament Season is officially open!

So here’s the first of the Nordic Historical Fencing League – Helsinki Longsword Open. Congratulations to Dennis Ljungqvist (KuHFS Sweden) for winning the Gold and Ties Kool (HVN Netherlands) for the silver, in Womens section it’s Sara Vertanen (Gold, EHMS Finland) and Julia Yli-Hukka (Silver, GHFS Sweden), Michela D’Orlando got Bronze :) – Congratulations to all!

This year’s fight were very clear, skill level was very high (as usual with nordic tournaments) and the fights were very clear. It seems that as the skill level progresses fighters tend to go for simpler moves just because of their effectiveness (with mobility playing big part of that). Sounds familiar? Watch the both finals especially men and check out the thrust Ties got from Dennis (10:43) – a nice reminder of why we need the throat protector :)

Men’s final:

Men’s bronze:

Men’s semifinals:

Women’s final:

Women’s bronze:

Women’s seminfinals:


All videos are on the EHMS You Tube channel, so check them out (quarter finals, pools and cutting tournaments)!

As you may know Christine Maunsell went there as well – you can find her fights in the pool 2 section!