HEMA Ireland Training – Equipment Requirements

Hello All,

Here’s the equipment list required for sparring at the event:

  • Fencing Mask: FIE ranked fencing mask with no signs of serious damage, dents, rust etc.,
  • Back of the Head Protection: rigid protector covering back of the head with no significant gaps
  • Throat Protection: rigid throat guard (gorget) or a layered throat protection preventing the blade to go under the bib
  • Jacket: well padded HEMA jacket or similar offering good protection against cuts (plastrons/rigid chest protectors are recommended but not necessary)
  • Elbow Protector: hard shell protection of the elbow joints
  • Knee Protector: hard shell protection of the knee joints
  • Shin and Forearms Protection: solid protection of the shin and forearm area is required
  • Gloves: fencing gloves with adequate level of protection applicable to your weapon,
  • Groin Guard: Obligatory for men!
  • Rigid Chest Protection: Mandatory for women!

Note #1: This is requirement for a maximum level of protection (aka Longsword), so for the lighter weapons we will scale these accordingly.

Note #2: We will check and verify each participant individually on site to asses the safety level of their equipment and weapons.

Note #3: For non  HEMA Ireland members and HEMA Ireland members who are not insured within the nationwide scheme proof of insurance (public liability) is required!

Historical European Martial Arts School in Cork, Ireland