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HEMA Tournaments 2013

Hello all,

I’ve been asked to provide more ‘visual’ definitions of what HEMA really is…  It is a martial art that can be tested as any other… in a tournament fight!

So here’s the short digest of what has been going on in 2013:

There has been two major tournaments in America:
Longpoint 2013

Fechtschule America 2013

Just use the links within description to jump onto the final fights (steel longsword) – looks like the Sweden is dominating the HEMA world this year!

In Europe we had several tournaments already but the most important one is still to come! So while awaiting Swordfish 2013 we can take a look through the couple of interesting ones here in Europe:

HEMAC Dijon 2013 open longsword tournament, final fight:

NordFecht Gdansk 2013 longsword finals:

Swedish Swordfish is the ‘best of the best’ type of the tournament that simply gathers best fighters from all over the world to compete in various categories. Just for the reference here are the 2013 swordfish finals here:

and while we’re at this I’d like to remind every undecided person that our longsword course will start on the 29th of September!

Register NOW at:

German Longsword 2013 Course Registration Form

More info at:

longsword course-v1-2-pxd