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Irish Historical Fencing League (IHFL) 2016

Hello All,

IHFL has ended with a brilliant Belfast Bladeworks that took place last weekend and after 4 tournaments (Cork, Galway, Wexford and Belfast) in 2016 the overall results are as follows:

1st place: Matthew Malcolm of Medieval Combat Group
2nd place: Michael Nolan of Cork Blademasters
3rd place: Adrian Shwapka of Leitrim Longswords

Congratulations to all the winners and to HEMA Ireland and all clubs involved in organization of this year’s League.  It was no easy task but we managed to pull it off nicely and I have to say we have achieved our goal – the overall fencing quality has definitely improved which means we’re ready to put the bar up even higher for the 2017!

Bladefast Bladeworks Tournament was simply spectacular – congratulations to Matthew for winning the gold again, Myself for winning silver and to Adrian for getting the Bronze in an epic fight against Michael :)

Videos are in the playlist below: