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Irish Historical Fencing League (IHFL) 2017


As the last leg of the IHFL – Galway Longsword Open ’26 Commandments’ Tournament has come to an end it’s time for a quick review of the 2017 League!

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But first, the results of the Galway Leg – congratulations to Adrian Szlapka from Leitrim Longswords for taking the gold, Joe Hooton and Andrzej Rozycki both from Cork Blademasters for taking respectively silver and bronze!  Check out the tournament videos below!

As for this year’s IHFL i’m proud to say that we as an Irish HEMA have achieved again our goal – the fencing level has improved a lot and there have been lots of new fencers joining our league both from Ireland as well as abroad. This is great as it shows that our small league is becoming more recognizable in the world of HEMA and our fencing standards are already on an international level! Next year I’m hoping for even more fighters, more weapons and more clubs being involved as well as more cooperation between our neighbours from the other side of the Celtic Sea! We have proven it already many many times over – the more fencers you fight the better your fencing will become! Bring it on 2018 IHFL!

For now, let’s enjoy the videos from the Galway tournament below: