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New Season Recruitment: German Longsword Course

Hi All,

So it’s less than a weak now until the beginning of our annual 10 weeks German Longsword Course. so I just thought I may clarify a thing or two here…

First of all, this course is obligatory to all rank 1 Blademaster members (if you don’t know what is your rank, it’s rank 1:  Novice) – you need to do this course in order to be able to participate in any advanced courses that we’ll be doing next year.  If you don’t do it this year then you’ll have to wait until sept 2016.  There are no exceptions here.

Secondly, this is the entry level course to any fencing/HEMA related activities which means it will provide you with all the knowledge the beginner fencer needs to know! READ: this is useful stuff! This is your HEMA foundation that you need to know in order to be able to progress further.

Thirdly, if you are a new to HEMA and wondering if you should go for it or not, then please consider this course as the most important thing you can do until next Sept next year.  This is designed for beginners and beginners will find it most useful. It will teach you basic principles,  terminology used in German School of Fencing (Liechtenauer tradition), techniques and methods of fighting with an edged weapon. It will make your knowledge complete enough so you can  start learning on your own which is the ultimate skill you need to get here and the primary reason for the course to be here at the first place.

So there you go, hopefully all issues are clarified now. Now go register if you haven’t done that already:

Registration available at:

On a side note:

The Course will take place in Little Island Sports Centre every Sunday for 10 weeks from the 27th of Sept onwards. I do realize that this is a location at the outskirts of Cork and people who don’t have cars might have a little problem with getting there.  So  let me know please if you have any problem with transport and we’ll organize someone to pick you up on their way to the course!