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Örebro Open 2016 – Longsword Tournament Videos


Örebro Open 2016 was the last of the four tournaments of Nordic Historical Fencing League. Despite the fact that we already knew the winner for the Mens division (Dennis Ljungqvist) the fights were really intense! Congratulations to Dennis (KuHFS, Sweden) for taking the first place again, Thomas Nyzell (UHFS, Sweden) for taking the silver and Arto Fama (Zwaard & Steen, NL) for winning the bronze against our Scottish colleague Mark Wilkie! In Womens division we had Sara Vertanen (EHMS, Finland) who won gold and the overall win in the Women Division! Seconded by Kristine Konsmo (GHFS, Sweden) who won Silver and Julia Yli-Hukka (GHFS, Sweden) who took bronze. Congratulations to all!

Now let’s take a look at the videos as they were really good! Lots of thrusts and quick zwerchau like motions for a quick scores at the shoulder level. Bronze fight was even better! Intense but very technical on both sides, Arto Fama won the fight by using the long point or sprechfenster (speaking window) effectively which is a nice thing to see. I can see how the nordic fencing style :) is beginning to form with its high guards and zwerchau movements with high winds and upper cuts being quite recognizable in both men and women fights! I’m very curious to see how it will develops further on!

Mens final:

Mens third place fight:

Women final:

Women third place: