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Pricing structure for all Blademasters Members (Rank 2 and above):

  1. Annual Membership Fee:
  • Annual Membership –  40 euro

Annual Membership provides the following:

  • HEMA Ireland Membership
  • Insurance provided via HEMA Ireland
  • 10% Personal Discount on all purchases from our SHOP
  • Social Fund

You can purchase the Membership online via our Shop  >>>  here <<< or by cash directly at the training.

2. Training Fees:

  • Monthly (1 month) Subscription – 60 euro
  • Quarterly (3 months) Subscription – 150 euro
  • Annual (12 months) Subscription – 500 euro

Training Subscription allows our Members to participate in all of our training classes and locations.

Please note: Only Members who have paid Annual Membership Fee are allowed to purchase training subscription (due to insurance requirements).

You can purchase the Training Fee online via our Shop  >>>  here <<< or by cash directly at the training.