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Our School Structure is broken down to into 4 levels of development and each member has to work through each level via structured lessons (Courses) and focused individual training & sparring (Classes).

1 – Novice

Is a new recruit that hasn’t passed the basic combat training yet, this involves very basics of martial arts: enough fitness level to be able to stand up and execute techniques properly, proper footwork that allows for a fluent movement and the basic offensive and defensive techniques that allows for a safe sparring (with a proper protective equipment of course)

2 – Scholar

Is a student that has passed the basic combat training (10 Weeks German Longsword Course) and knows the system well enough to be able to stand on its own – he/she can progress further with developing combat skills by learning some advanced techniques. This usually involves studying medieval texts (combat manuals) and testing the acquired knowledge in sparring. Scholar title allows member to represent Cork Blademasters on official tournaments and such.

3 – Free Scholar (Independent scholar)

By passing L3 Free Scholar Exam student can gain the title of Free Scholar, independent member that has learned most techniques and trained long enough to be able to actually execute them in combat. Independent scholar has the right to teach and guide other members as well as represent our School on all major tournaments.

4 – Blademaster

Free Scholar that has enough knowledge and experience in a specific combat system to become an acknowledged expert, has the right to train Free Scholars in advanced techniques and represent our school on all official tournaments. This is a path that can be taken upon invitation only and requires one to one personal training as well as individual studies.e a look at the Classes section for our training locations and info