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Summer Longsword Workshop!

Join us on Saturday 30th of June 2018 11 am @ Little Island Sport Complex, Cork for a 6 hours long workshop on XV Century German Longsword!

This workshop is aimed primarily at people who would like to try out HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) in a one day intense training session. Covering all core principles of medieval fencing this workshop will teach you the following: basic movements, guards, attack/defense techniques and basic strategies that can be employed with any blade based weapons. Workshop will finish with a one hour long unique HEMA sparring experience!

All equipment will be provided!

Time: Saturday 30th of June 2018 11:00-17:00

Location: Little Island Sport Complex, Little Island, Cork

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Cost: 50 Euro


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Event Details: Summer Longsword Workshop 2018

Date: Saturday 30th of June 2018 11:00-17:00

Location: Little Island Sports Centre, Cork

Google Maps Link:

Cost: 50 Euro

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