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Swordfish 2013 Summary

Hi All,

Here’s something to watch over the long and dark Christmas nights :)

‘best of the best’ fights from Swordfish 2013 tournament!

There have been many discussions over the judging quality in these fights but hey –  we’re here to watch the quality fights so here they are:

1st place fight:  H. Jörnlind from Gamla Stans Fäktskola Sweden (WINNER – red) vs M. Parmala EHMS Finland (2nd place – blue):


1/4 S. Chlebowski Fechstschule Gdansk (red) Poland vs H. Jörnlind Gamla Stans Fäktskola (blue) Sweden:


1/4 M. Parmala EHMS (red) Finland vs Jan Chodkiewicz Fechtschule Gdansk (blue) Poland:

1/8 G. Brzezinski TSF/Budowlani Toruń (red) Poland vs Kristian Ruokonen EHMS (blue) Finland:

1/8 S. Chlebowski Fechtschule Gdańsk (red) Poland vs Petter Brodin FKFD Bergen (blue) Norway:

Pool: Ł. Dąbrowski Fechtschule Gdańsk (red) Poland vs Anders Linnard GHFS (blue) Sweden:

Enjoy !