Synthetic Sabre Tournament 2018 Review

Synthetic Sabre Tournament 2018 Review

On Sat 29th of Sept 2018 Cork Blademasters hosted our first Synthetic Sabre Tournament officially starting the sabre section within our club!

Congratulations to the tournament winners:

Gold – Martin Buckley of Cork Blademasters
Silver – Tomas Srnec of Wrathful Peasants
Bronze – Karl Sassenberg of Cork Blademasters

You can check more photos on our facebook page:

Tournament Videos are now available on our official YouTube Channel:

It was a small but very enjoyable tournament with some high quality fencing coming from all participants. Our Survivability Rules have yet again proven to be able to create a dynamic and realistic fencing environment that encouraged proper style of fighting without compromising on quality of the fencing itself.

We will continue this trend next year with another sabre tournament!