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Synthetic Sabre Tournament  2018 – Equipment Requirements


Protective Gear:

  • Fencing Mask: fencing mask with no signs of serious damage, dents, rust etc.,
  • Back of the Head Protection: rigid protector covering back of the head with no significant gaps
  • Throat Protection: rigid throat guard (gorget) or a layered throat protection preventing the blade to go under the bib (3 layers minimum)
  • Jacket: well padded HEMA jacket or similar offering good protection against strikes (under plastrons/rigid chest protectors are highly recommended but not obligatory)
  • Elbow Protector: hard shell protection of the elbow joints
  • Knee Protector: hard shell protection of the knee joints
  • Shin Protection: hard shell protection of the shin is required
  • Forearms Protection: additional forearm protection is recommended but not required
  • Gloves: fencing gloves with full level of protection applicable to synthetic sabre, eg: Red Dragon gloves, Sparring Gloves, Konig Gloves etc.
  • Groin Guard: Obligatory for men
  • Rigid Chest Protector: Obligatory for women