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Tactical Longsword Workshop Review

Last month Cork Blademasters had the pleasure of hosting a Tactical Longsword Workshop: ‘Ready Set Go!’ with Lukasz Dabrowski from Fechtschule Gdansk, Poland.

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Throughout the seminar Lukasz has shown us how to assess the threat level of our opponent during the fight and how to react to it accordingly. Then by using the same steps we have learned how to deceive our opponent in order to get the reaction we want from them. Then we added feints and counterattacks into the mix and put it all together as an excellent combat template to be used with any weapon!

It was a great workshop and we would like to thanks Lukasz Dabrowski for sharing his valuable combat experience with us!

In his own words: ‘subject on tactics is vast and one workshop is not enough to cover it so maybe will see each other during another workshop’.

We will for sure :)