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2014 Longsword Course – Flourish Videos


First of all, I would like to congratulate again each one of my longsword students – you all did very well and the video below is a living proof of that!

For viewers: in order to pass the course and receive a Scholar rank within the club each student had to create their own flourish, which I described as a set sequence of moves and techniques that can be done one after another in a logical manner.   I did not give them any hints or tips, the only rule was: 30 seconds is the time limit and that they have to move – it cannot be a stationary flourish, it needs to involve the full body motion as in a real combat.

This was designed as a teaching tool – a simple repeatable pattern that will allow each one of the students to remember what they have learned so far.  Looking at what they have designed after mere 10 lessons I’m really impressed. Excellent work!

Here’s the playlist below (one person’s flourish is still missing  but I’ll add the video as soon as I get it):


Swordfish 2014 – Longsword Tournament Videos

Hi All,

Below you will find a playlist with most longsword fights from this year’s Swordfish.  Loads of good fights there, I can see a nice increase in skill levels of all participants. Watch the finals at the very least (playlist starts from it)!

As you may know Swordfish is considered the biggest HEMA tournament worldwide, so apart from the longsword you will find rapier, sabers as well as wrestling tournaments there (no sword and buckler this year), search for you tube videos if you’re interested. There’s plenty of them available now.



Féile na Gaiscígh 2014

Hi All,

Just wanted to share a few notes on HEMA Ireland’s first inaugural event :  Féile na Gaiscígh 2014.

First of all, we’ve brought 3 bronze medals for the club!

Second, it was a truly great event! Good to see HEMA going in the right direction and big kudos to Niall for putting everything in place! I enjoyed every single minute of it so already looking forward to the next one 🙂

And for everyone who decided to stay watch this and weep you weren’t there 😉



Below is the skydrive link to the folder with pics and videos from the event – that’s raw data though, i’ll try to find some time later during the week and post some fights on our you tube channel.