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New group of students graduated to Scholars!

We’d like to officially congratulate our new Blademasters Scholars on passing the exam and successfully completing  10 Weeks German Longsword Course!

In order to pass the exam all students had to design and present their own 30 seconds longsword flourish which you can now admire via playlist below 🙂

Also, as additional bonus you can see some of their very first bouts here:

One more time, congratulations to all and see you at the training!

New 10 Weeks German Longsword Course will start on Monday 1st of Oct 2018 8PM @ Mahon Community Centre! Be there!

The Horned Crown 2018 Review

The Horned Crown – Third Leg of the Irish Historical Fencing League  (IHFL) took place on Sat 1st of Sept 2018 in Wexford, hosted by Goats Head Historical Fencing!

First, we’d like to congratulate all winners of the 3rd leg of IHFL:

  • Jack Gassman (Goats Head Historical Fencing) – Gold
  • Sam Gassman (Goats Head Historical Fencing) – Silver
  • Brian Moloney (Cork Blademasters) – Bronze

Technical Prize: Jack Gassman (Goats Head Historical Fencing)

Best Newcomer Prize: Karl Sassenberg (Cork Blademasters)

You can check more photos from the event on the IHFL Page:


Videos from eliminations phase are now available on our official YouTube Channel:

Big Thanks to our League sponsors who funded awesome prizes for the winners of the event:

– The Knight Shop International Ltd and their HEMA focused website: www.thehemashop.com

– Black Horse Blades – website: www.blackhorseblades.com

– SPES Historical Fencing Gear – website: http://histfenc.com/    

– Sparring Gloves – website: http://sparringglove.com/en_US/

– Balefire Blades

– PBT Historical Fencing – website: http://pbthistoricalfencing.com/

– Aureus Swords – website: https://aureusswords.com/

– Halfswording – website: https://www.halfswording.com/

Blademasters Cup 2018 Prize List:

1st place: Gold Medal, Pair of Sparing Gloves, 50 EUR PBT voucher, 50 GBP Hema Shop voucher, 15% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 30 EUR Halfswording.com voucher

2nd place: Silver Medal, 50 GBP HEMA Shop voucher, 12.5% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 20 EUR Halfswording.com voucher

3rd place: Bronze Medal, 10% Aureus voucher, SPES gift pack, 15 EUR Halfswording.com voucher

Newbie Prize – prize for the highest scoring tournament newbie (for people who are starting their first tournament with us): SPES Gear

Technical Prize – Custom Feder made by Balefire Blades!

Results of the tournament have been submitted to HEMA Ratings Website and the Irish Historical Fencing League 2018 Results can be seen on the HEMA Ireland Website.

It was an intense tournament with an experimental ruleset (highly weighed targets and the ability to chain attacks)  which forced us to adapt our tactics during the fight but it was well worth it as four Blademasters went into the eliminations bringing home one Bronze medal won by Brian in an exciting match against Joe!

4th and the last Leg of the IHFL will take place in Galway on the 17th of November 2018!


German Longsword Course 9/10 – Wed 12/09/2018


WHAT: German Longsword Course 9/10: Halbschwert / Half Sword
WHEN: 8:00 PM
WHERE: Mahon Community Centre

Check Classes section for more details.

Reading for tonight’s class can be found >>> here <<<

German Longsword Course 8/10 – Mon 10/09/2018


WHAT: German Longsword Course 8/10: Ringen Am Schwert
WHEN: 8:00 PM
WHERE: Mahon Community Centre

Check Classes section for more details.

Reading for tonight’s class can be found >>> here <<<