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Clash of the Towers 2019 Review

Clash of the Towers 2019 – Open Steel Longsword Tournament that took place last Saturday on the 4th of May 2019 in Dublin hosted by Dublin HEMA Club was the second leg of this year’s Irish Historical Fencing League

With great pleasure we’d like to congratulate the winners:

  • Andrzej Rozycki of Cork Blademasters – Gold
  • Michael Nolan of Cork Blademasters – Silver
  • William Wallace of Dublin HEMA Club – Bronze

Technical Prize: Nick Laing of Virtus Sword School Cardiff

Cutting Competition Winner: Michael Nolan of Cork Blademasters

Videos from eliminations phase are now available on our official YouTube Channel:

Big Thanks to our League sponsors who funded awesome prizes for the winners:

– Aureus Swords – website: https://aureusswords.com/ 

– Sparring Gloves – website: http://sparringglove.com/en_US/ 

– The Knight Shop International Ltd and their HEMA focused website: www.thehemashop.com

– SPES Historical Fencing Gear – website: http://histfenc.com/    

– PBT Historical Fencing – website: http://pbthistoricalfencing.com/

Clash of the Towers 2019 Prize List:

1st place – pair of 5 fingers Sparring Gloves sponsored by Sparring Gloves, Gold Medal and 50 GBP TheHemaShop voucher sponsored by The Knight Shop International Ltd, 50 Eur PBT Voucher sponsored by PBT Historical Fencing

2nd place: silver medal and 50 GBP TheHemaShop voucher sponsored by The Knight Shop International Ltd

3rd place: bronze medal sponsored by The Knight Shop International Ltd)

Cutting Competition Winner Prize: pair of Gecko Elbow and Forearm protectors sponsored by SPES Historical Fencing Gear

Technical Prize: Free ticket to next IHFL League event!

Tournament was fought exclusively with a pair of excellent Federschwert Swoosh German Tournament feders sponsored by Aureus Swords!

Thanks to HEMA Ireland and Dublin Hema Club for hosting the event!

Results of the tournament have been submitted to HEMA Ratings Website and the Irish Historical Fencing League 2019 Results can be seen on the HEMA Ireland Website.

New Club Instructors!

We’d like to officially congratulate our new club instructors: Michael Nolan and Martin Buckley who passed their Cork Blademasters Instructors Exam and are now official Blademaster Instructors!

They have also successfully passed our level 3 rank Exam and gained the title of Free Scholar of Cork Blademasters which was one of the prerequisites for the Instructor’s Exam. This rank (Independent Scholar) acknowledges their full understanding of the system we are training and confirms their ability to both fight and train within our framework.

Second prerequisite was to become an official Hema Ireland lvl 1 Instructor which they both met as well – Michael in 2018 and Martin earlier this year.

We’re happy to have such knowledgeable and passionate people as our instructors and wish them all the best in their future!