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Copenhagen Longsword Open 2016 – Tournament Videos

Hello All,

Copenhagen Open Videos are coming up on the You Tube now so let’s check them out!

First of all congratulations to Kristian Ruokonen (EHMS, Finland) for winning Gold, Magnus Lundborg (UHFS, Sweden) for Silver and Dennis Ljungqvist (KuHFS, Sweden), then to Michela D’Orlando (WSG, UK) for Gold (great job Michela!), Nadia Partala (EHMS, Finland) for Silver and Sara Vertanen (EHMS, Finland).

And beautiful fights they are: check the accuracy of thrusts in Denis’ fight (re last class) and the amazing angled zwerchaus of Kristian in a gold fight! Michela’s timing and craftsmanship of the blows! Lots of great technical fighting out there!

So here they are – longsword finals and bronze medal matches from Copenhagen Open 2016 plus finals from other tournaments (sabre, rapier and dagger) courtesy of CphHistFencingClub:


Copenhagen Longsword Open 2015 – Tournament Videos


Another tournament within the Nordic Historical Fencing League! This one is very special as some of our guys: Christine and Rob went there and fought bravely 🙂

So here’s a sneakpeak really, quick playlist with all finals and bronze matches. Check it out, especially the final fight, and look at how Ties Kool uses the hanging guard in middle distance! Very educating!